Marciana: le proposte di Elbabel

Marciana - Madonna del Monte

Marciana, a high mounted village at 385 metres on the impressive ridge of Mount Capanne. It is the oldest municipality on the west coast surrounded by chestnut trees and with a millennial history that we will tell you while we are going through the suggestive streets of the village and visiting the archeological museum. We will take you up to the... Marciana - Madonna del Monte →

Marciana - Monte Capanne

We will help you to discover Elba and all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago from the top of the magnificent Mount Capanne (1019 metres), and from this massive granit you will see breathtaking views.   After, we will visit Marciana, an old high mounted village that is still perfectly conserved in its original form. By taking a flight of... Marciana - Monte Capanne →


Walking with Ginger

With our four-legged-friends we'll walk on an old path that will lead us up to a wonderful area surrounded by a magnificent, the Santuario of Madonna del Monte. And while our friends will be able to wander and discover the area, rest under the century-old chestnut trees and drink the fresh water from the seventeenth-century fountain, we'll tell... Walking with Ginger →

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